spots, spotting, spotted
1) N-COUNT: usu pl Spots are small, round, coloured areas on a surface.

The leaves have yellow areas on the top and underneath are powdery orange spots...

The swimsuit comes in navy with white spots or blue with green spots.

2) N-COUNT: usu pl Spots on a person's skin are small lumps or marks.

Never squeeze blackheads, spots or pimples.

3) N-COUNT: N of n A spot of a liquid is a small amount of it. [mainly BRIT]

Spots of rain had begun to fall...

Secure with a few spots of glue.

4) QUANT: QUANT of n-uncount If you have a spot of something, you have a small amount of it. [mainly BRIT]

Mr Brooke is undoubtedly in a spot of bother...

A year or two ago I found myself indulging in a spot of yachting in Finnish waters...

We've given all the club members tea, coffee and a spot of lunch.

5) N-COUNT: usu supp N You can refer to a particular place as a spot.

They stayed at several of the island's top tourist spots...

They all stood there staring, as if frozen to the spot.

6) N-COUNT: usu with supp A spot in a television or radio show is a part of it that is regularly reserved for a particular performer or type of entertainment.

Unsuccessful at screen writing, he got a spot on a CNN film show.

7) VERB If you spot something or someone, you notice them.
See also , black spot, blind spot

[V n] Vicenzo failed to spot the error...

[V n] He left the party seconds before smoke was spotted coming up the stairs.

8) PHRASE: v-link PHR If you are on the spot, you are at the actual place where something is happening.

...areas where troops are on the spot and protecting civilians...

Mr Connolly is their `man on the spot' and the person you can call if you have a complaint.

9) PHRASE: PHR after v, PHR n If you do something on the spot, you do it immediately.

James was called to see the producer and got the job on the spot...

The surveyor will use a lap-top computer to give on the spot advice.

10) PHRASE: V inflects If you put someone on the spot, you cause them to have to answer a difficult question or make a difficult decision.

He put me on the spot a bit because he invited me right in front of his mum and I didn't particularly want to go...

Even clever people are not terribly clever when put on the spot.

11) PHRASE: PHR after v, PHR cl If you are in a tight spot, you are in a difficult situation. [INFORMAL]

In a tight spot there is no one I would sooner see than Frank.

12) rooted to the spotsee rooted
have a soft spot for someonesee soft

English dictionary. 2008.


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